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    KOMA RETREAT @ Photo Biennale Beijing 2018

    *By Mathias Løvgreen and Sebastian Kloborg*
    KOMA RETREAT sets to explore how humanity can evolve or devolve in the changing scenario from organic life form to digital identity.

    In ancient times scholars and artists from China moved to rural areas and mountains to escape from the hasty life of the city. A sort of retreat.

    They wanted to be uninfluenced by evolving movements in politics and technology to become the purest form of humans possible.

    With everyday scenarios and cultural experiences from contemporary China, KOMA RETREAT puts the viewer in a space where the natural and digital world collides in video and sound installations.

    A space where a retreat seems questionable.

    Mathias Løvgreen and Sebastian Kloborg mixes the art forms videography and choreography through the exhibition. With specific created choreography, old traditional children choir singing and everyday situations, they examine how humanity see
    the changes from natural to digital form.

    In a country which has a population of 1,4 billion people it can seem difficult to find a special identity for everyone.

    With highly pixelated images the viewer may wonder if the identities shown are created by ones and zeros or are what some would call real.

    Although setting place in China this human evolvement can be be seen worldwide and in several varieties of cultures.

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