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South, East, North - In 13 days
How To Boil A Frog - ExhibitionPart of the exhibition Fabulous Failures in The Hague, curated by Erik Kessels
January 2017.
ADOSI know everything about commercial airplanes. I can look up in the sky and tell you what kind of plane is flying 38.000 feet above us. Airbus or Boeing. A340 or A380. I can tell you the airline. I can tell you where it took off and where it will land, by looking at the direction. Most of the time.
I know whether to turn left or right in the security line to get you as fast to the plane as possible. Most people are right handed, so they will go this way. You will go the other.
I know which seat in the specific airplane is the best one to be in. Is the wing obstructing your view? Is there a nearby restroom?

My father grew up close to Copenhagen Airport and spent many hours looking at the planes taking off and landing. When I was born he would take me to the same airport, despite the fact, we lived quite far from it. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember. We have even gone on trips just for the sake of the plane. Not the destination.

During the last year, my interest in commercial airplanes has increased. I think about them all the time. If I hear an airplane, I look up in the sky and stop the conversation that was going on. This happens several times an hour.

My interest in planes feels like filling up my brain. Pushing away the important things in life such as studying, family and easy living. The planes simply push all these things away and takes up for details such as airline routes, how to get the most out of frequent flyer points, airports and so on.

There are two ways to deal with this issue. Either I can choose to neglect it, hide it and put it away. Or I can work with it. I’ve gone all the way in this category.

I will build my own plane.
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